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In life, everything is KNOWLEDGE.

Without the requisite knowledge you cannot be a plumber, doctor, lawyer electrician, carpenter, astronomer, banker, teller, garbage man, abusive husband, priest, manager, chef, beggar etc. (There is wonderful mystery in which a middle class Victorian gentleman earns a significant living by posing as a beggar in the uber business district known as the City of London. On a challenge, he posed as a beggar there. He found he was so successful at it that he continued to be one and got him the life of a well to do Victorian gentleman. It was by some wondrous chance he knew how to be a really good beggar. His wife chanced to see him in the upper window of a very poor house. She instantly goes in to see him but there is no such person in the place. She consults Sherlock Holmes. He solves it.)

To have the knowledge is to-know-to know to do and/or to be. Without any knowledge for anything in life, one is in effect NOTHING-in-life.

Now, Neuro-Semantic Programming, NSP is the study of how an individual:
knows to-know-to know to do and/or be.

To be a Chronic Depressive in Psychiatry is a mental disorder. The mental disorder is the logic system the person uses to get to be a Chronic Depressive, i.e. it is his unique way to to-know-to know to be so.

Therefore if you know how he knows-to know to be so, you can unravel it and cure him of his condition; and this is what NSP does. Today:
there is no mental disorder that NSP cannot undo.

In fact, today, theoretically, there is no life problem, social, business, political, religious problem that NSP cannot undo.

We say this because, it is self evident from what is stated here that:
In life, everything is NSP!

How can NSP help me?

The scope of our practice is actually very vast.

The following are some of the more common problems we solve:

Anxiety, depression, psychosomatic illnesses, chronic and acute pain conditions, insomnia, headaches, stuttering, weight problems, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol addictions, cancer, marital and family dysfunction, and work-related issues - to name a few

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Who are the Chongs?

When Dennis met Jennifer...

In 1979 Dennis and Jennifer started their conjointed practice in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. They have been in practice together for 33 years.

An interview with Dr. Dennis Chong An interview with Jennifer Chong

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